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Sometimes you just want to try something new. And sometimes that "something new" involves turning into sexy animal people and having wild sexytimes, because sure why not?

Another collection of 5 short stories, all revolving around sex, transformation, and sexy transformation. Featuring werecowgirl women (and eventually men), catgirl covens, gooey tentacle science, a loving couple taking petplay exactly far enough, and good old-fashioned rubber dog dickgirls.

If you like TF as a sex thing, and want to read 50+ pages of stories ranging from short and to the point to longer and more elaborate - well, you should probably go ahead and check this out.

Note: this is a reupload of the original book, previously released in 2014 but now only available here. We've done some minor revisions, but if you brought it before there isn't anything new here to make it worth buying again. Just FYI so no one gets caught off-guard!

Cover art and book layout by Angrboda


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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i tried to buy this  but itch would not let me? 

keep saying this to me:

Sorry, we can't accept your purchase at this time due to the updated 2015 VAT regulations. Your billing address does not match your purchase location (NL).

thought you should know it might be happening to other people? 

That's weird! I haven't heard that happening to anyone else. Is it happening if you try and purchase anything else on Itch too? 

Also, is your billing address outside the Netherlands? It looks like that's what may be causing the issue, that your IP address is saying you're in the Netherlands but the billing address you have filled in is from elsewhere.

i live in the UK and i've never been to the Netherlands which is the strange part.

 that and my IP address is pretty spot on my current location and yes i can't buy anything on Itch at all 

Ah, sorry about that. I think if it's happening all over on Itch it's probably an issue with your account, or how Itch is set up with you, and something that the Itch support team themselves would have to help you with. If it helps, I've found them pretty helpful and responsive in the past, so they should be able to get you sorted.