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A sequel to the previous book, once again based on the idea of "what if the creatures and situations in fantasy RPGs were as hot as I always wanted?"  This book is 80+ pages total, written from the point of view of the same author from the first book investigating 4 more stories of people being changed into hot monster creatures. It has references and callbacks to the first book, but the 4 stories are self-contained and stand alone, so you don't need to have read the first book to get this one.

The stories in this book feature:

- a young monk finding their true self as they go through a male to female TFTG into a cute snow leopard catgirl

- a group of immortal elves discovering that the best way to spend their long lives is in becoming a race of cum-loving goo people

- a scrappy young woman becoming a buff minotaur babe as she takes over from her minotaur boyfriend as the star in the travelling Labyrinth games

- a practical farm girl dabbling in wild magic and merging with the beast she was trying to summon, leaving her a mix of lizard, donkey and centaur, that somehow both has a large dick and lays eggs, because I'm extremely me. The magic also spreads to two other women she meets, giving each of them part of that same change.

Each story has full colour before and after pinups of the main character, as well as a full page illustration of a mid-TF sex scene, all drawn by Angrboda. There's even some extra concepts and sketches in an appendix at the back, to get even more value for your money.

The first Morphological Monster Manual was the best book we've ever made, and we're comfortable saying this book is even better. If you're at all interested in TF porn, or even just enjoy the concept of a fantasy world where the monsters fuck the adventurers instead of fighting them, then you should really consider checking this out. Thanks!

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorAbe E Seedy
TagsErotic, Furry, illustrated-stories, Porn, short-stories, tf, transformation
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